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Answers To Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

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FAQ | Estes Acoustics, Inc. | RIverside, CA | 951-681-9790

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to remove the popcorn ceilings?

    The average home takes one day to have the ceiling ready for prime and paint. An additional day will be needed for prime and paint.
  2. Will I need to paint the ceilings when you are done?

    Yes, ceilings will need to be primed and painted after acoustic removal. We offer full service to complete his process. You estimator will give a separate quote for this procedure
  3. What color will my ceilings be?

    The most popular color at this time is Swiss Coffee. However, you may choose to use ceiling white or another color.
  4. What will my ceilings look like when they are finished?

    We offer different choices of ceiling texture. Most common is the knock down finish. Other options are orange peel and hand textures. Samples are available.
  5. What will I need to do to prepare my home for acoustical removal?

    We ask for you to remove all breakable items from tabletops, mantels, dressers, etc. Remove all curtains or draperies that touch the ceiling or any items within 1 foot of the ceiling.
  6. Do you give free estimates?

    Yes, Stephanie or Mike will come to your home for a free estimate. Just call 951-681-9790 to schedule an appointment.
  7. How do I know you are a reputable company?

    Estes Acoustics, Inc. is licensed by the CSLB (www.clsb.ca.gov), bonded, and insured. Mike has been in the trade since 1989 and has trained each employee since owning this business in 1993. References are available upon request.
  8. Do you do drywall repair?

    Yes, we repair, water damage, fire damage, wall paper removal damages, and damages from electricians, plumbers, and other companies.
  9. Do you require a deposit?

    No. Payment is due upon completion and satisfaction.

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